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This web site is dedicated to providing free interior design education about bedroom design.

Find out about bedroom design and decoration, the different styles of bedrooms and some interior designer critiques, this always gets you thinking and helps improve your interior design skills.

Get down to the nitty gritty of the bedroom and learn about the types of sheets and pillows available.

Most young and enthusiastic designers want to learn how to make romantic bedrooms, try making a canopy bed or pick up some tips on romantic bedrooms. The four poster bed is quite a favorite of the romantic, see how this guest room stacks up for romance, or perhaps you have bolder ideas and the red walled room with zebra skins is more to your taste!

Bedroom Design and Decoration

The sophisticated have turned to the humble feature wall in recent years to add a little splash of color to your room and make them more vibrant and interesting, this example is subtle and works well for a modern sleeping space. Wallpaper is another way to make a feature wall in a bedroom using either pattern or texture it can create a theme or mood for the bedroom style. Wallpaper works really well fo children’s bedrooms and there are often matching or coordinating curtain and bedding fabrics. Get bedroom decoration ideas for kids.

The feature wall, popular design concept for adding color for bedroom design.


Skills Required for Bedroom Designers

Mirrors are a great way to add depth to a room, enhance the decoration, add more natural light to a space and generally improve the aesthetics, apart from the obvious, being able to see yourself in it. Learn more about how mirrors can change the space.

Tablescapes are something that we all do without knowing it, create little groupings of things on a table, get some ideas on how to to make a decorative tablescape work well.

Learn more about mirrors in bedroom design

Pictures are a simple way to decorate. The selection of a single picture can create the theme or mood of a room, learn how to hang pictures and how to group them successfully.

If you are having difficulties choosing the right size bed for you, I have an opinion on this from personal experience. Read about queen, king or super king size beds.

Curtains and blinds are a necessity for bedrooms, get ideas and see what types of curtain work best.

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Find out ways to decorate your bedroom with interior designer tricks on this site.