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Bedroom Curtains and Blinds

Bedroom curtains can make or break a bedroom design. They are an integral part of bedroom decoration. Just imagine a four poster bed without drapery? Curtains, drapes and blinds are the important design setting for the bedroom. A contemporary bedroom’s window treatments tend to sway towards simple blinds or shutters, more often than not in a monochromatic color scheme so that the blinds blend into the space.

A traditional bedroom design usually takes the curtains and makes them the focal point with rich and elaborate fabrics, loads of decoration and ornamentation like valances, swags and tails, tie backs and more.

Children’s bedrooms work best with roman blinds or shades as they love to hide in curtains and this means that the curtains will have a short life span, usually pulled of the track, or covered in sticky fingers.

It is important to think about what limits your bedroom curtain selection. Some bedrooms have radiators under the windows, why? Who would know, it seems like a silly place as all the heat would go straight out of the window, but anyway, radiators do cause a problem as they limit your choices. You have to have short curtains that only reach the sill or use blinds or shades. If you want to create an opulent look with a radiator and a short curtain, you could perhaps, if there is space off the side of the windows, add over curtains to the ground held back from the radiator with tie backs.

Bedroom Curtains

There are also other factors that limit bedroom curtain choices, these is no space above the window for a track, in this case a ceiling mounted track can be used. No space on either side of the window for stacking back the curtain when not in use, a blind or shade would be the best option.

There is usually a solution for any window. If you want to lean more about curtains and dressing windows, I suggest you register for the free ecourse in curtain design, it will make choosing curtains so much easier if you have the knowledge of what to do with different shaped windows.

Whatever style of bedroom you want to achieve, take a look at the articles to get ideas and inspiration for your bedroom curtain designs.

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