Bedroom Decoration

The Art of Decorating Bedrooms

Decorating bedrooms is fun and you can change the look and feel of a bedroom for minimal effort and cost. As a child, before I realized that I wanted to be an interior designer, I used to redecorate my bedroom on at least a fortnightly basis. Nothing over the top, just move the furniture around, bring out some mementos that I had stored in my wardrobe, put others away that I was tired of looking at, change the duvet cover, swap cushions with my sisters and of course add a few new posters. It was just a way to keep my bedroom space fresh and inviting. Change is a good thing, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Here are some good ideas for decorating your bedroom.

Add and area rug under the bed to add color and texture as well as comfort to your a space or where you want to define a different use of your bedroom area.

Splash out on a new side table, (or search the second hand furniture stores if you are on a budget, you can always give it a unique paint job). A side table is an essential piece of furniture for the bedroom as it is not only practical but helps to set the style of your decorating.

Place a lamp on your side table, this is another essential element in decorating bedrooms, as it allows you to dim the lights and prepare your body for sleeping. Once again you don’t have to get something new, you can always buy a new lamp shade or get creative and rework the one you have.

The bed head, if it’s an antique don’t mess with it, if its just a modest custom-wood painted bed head, then try upholstering it for a more luxurious look.

Curtains, these can be expensive, but they really do reinforce your bedroom decoration style, so worth the money. If you are stuck with what you have then think about how you can make them look different, try some tiebacks or holdbacks, use a pelmet to frame the window head, add sheers or blinds to detract from the curtains. There are many forms of ready made curtains that you can purchase in any decorating store, they are reasonably priced and you can add your decorator flair to them.



Bed linen. This is the fun part because you can have one style in your bedroom and change it week by week, simply by changing your bed linen. There are numerous bedspreads and duvet covers available that use similar colorways, you could create different looks using pattern and texture in the same colors of your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is pale blue and white, you could have a simple Chennile bedspread in pale blue keeping your bedroom calm and simple and then when you feel like a change, you can change the bedspread to a white cotton print with hot pink, cobalt blue, yellow and lime green polkadots.

I haven’t even touched on artwork and tablescapes, we have this covered in other articles below. So I hope this gets you started on how to decorate your bedroom.

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