Canopy Bed

How to make your Bedroom more Romantic with a Canopy Bed

Canopy beds add romance and spice to your bedroom

Often in interior design we look to have a quick makeover of a room and the bedroom is no exception.

In fact its often the most fun and quick way to spice up your love life.

This article demonstrates a couple of ways of making imitation canopy beds that are effective and look professional without costing a fortune.

The main idea is to create a visual frame around the bed and give a sense of height and grandeur while retaining that soft look, all of which are gained by using a canopy bed.

The first method that can be done in an afternoon is to use a mosquito or insect net suspended over the bed from the ceiling.

These are available at most camping stores and consist of a ring with shear netting attached to it that drapes from the ring over the four sides of the bed.

Canopy bed using a mosquito net.

While this is still just a mosquito net it can be used as a decorative element by positioning it at the head of the bed at the ceiling and using the netting to drape and frame the end of the bed and wall. Additional decoration can be added to the netting by stencilling patterns such as leaves or cupids on the netting. For children’s bedrooms, add butterflys or bugs, glow in the dark stars, anything your imagination comes up with.

Pelmet with Curtain Track.

The second method can take a little more time but is even more effective and increases your design and decoration options a great deal more. Using curtain tracks (these are available in all sorts of finishes from brass to timber to imitation wrought iron with finials) and attach them to the ceiling (your local hardware store or curtain track supplier will have the correct brackets) to create a frame over and in line with the edge of the bed at ceiling height.

canopy bed
Then as for drapery you can either use curtains or shears that can sit at each corner when open (giving the effect of posts) or when drawn allowing a soft and romantic light to filter onto the bed creating a very sexy and intimate space (aswell as stopping insects). A secondary pelmet can be made adding more detail. The type of drapery or shears available today is vast and it is very easy and cheap to change the material if you wish to redecorate or change the theme or color scheme. A few innovative ideas to change the look of your bed. Give it a go.

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