Create the Romantic Mood

How to Create the Romantic Mood in Your Bedroom

In the previous article A Step by Step Guide to Creating A Romantic Bedroom, we have created the Romantic Bedroom of your dreams – now we need to make you feel the romance and create the romantic mood.

Roll on Mood Creation

Interior design covers a vast scope of subjects, and essentially our job is to create spaces for people to enjoy. So here are the essentials for the job of romantic mood creation.

Playing soft classical music is a wonderful mood enhancer.

Burning essential oils are great for creating passion.

A framed photograph of a happy moment – a great conversation starter.

Try his+hers embroidered matching bathrobes behind the door on silk padded hangers. Make them a feature.

Light scented candles, and lots of them (turn the lights off obviously), it creates a wonderful glow and a comforting feeling the power of the warm flickering light. (A much cheaper version of putting a fireplace in the bedroom!) But remember to keep them away from any loose flowing drapery, as we don’t want your evening spoiled with the firemen arriving.

If you don’t like candles, simply turn on the bedside lights (change the bulb to a lower wattage so they are dimmer) or use your main light dimmed (if you have that option).

Champagne on ice, with lovely tall flutes in an appropriately themed ice bucket.

Flowers, the freshness fresh flowers provide cannot be underestimated. Color co-ordinate and select a bouquet to match your theme or style. English Country – a wildflower collection spraying randomly from a ceramic jug. Minimal – a bird of paradise poised elegantly with a palm leaf curled at its base. French country – a bunch of French lavender tied with a ribbon sitting in a colored glass vase.

Flowers add detail, and subtle light.

Chocolates – if you are going for romance then chocolates need to be in the equation. Hand made in individual boxes – His and Hers. We all know we like different types. If you show you know your partners favourite, it gives a good indication that you care.

Ask if your partner wants a foot massage. A relaxing treat at the end of the day.

And there I will stop. I am sure you can use one or two of the mood enhancers to compliment your new romantic bedroom.