Decorating Kids Rooms

Decorating Kids Bedrooms

Decorating for kids bedrooms is so much fun. There is a huge market in fabrics and wallcoverings for kids, from circles and stripes to butterflies and trains. Then there is the furniture, you can now sleep in a formula one bed, a princess’s castle, a treehouse, what ever furniture designers imaginations have inspired. You name it, you can have it when it comes to children’s bedroom decoration.

Decorating kids bedrooms - girls bedroom.

So how do you choose when you know that your child will change their mind about color and what their latest love is as quickly as they change their clothes? One minute pink is all a girl wants – then it has to be blue as she is too grown up for pink, no more pretty dresses, jeans and a tshirt she thinks shes a tomboy! Not so far as cars on the walls but the token jesture of blue being a “boy’s” color.

How to Make You Kid’s Bedroom Fad Proof

A simple way to make your kid’s room “fad” proof is to use a neutral color on the walls, for furniture and curtains. Then use color for the bedding and accessories. A great new tool for interior designers is the wall decal. These are so cool and reasonably priced that you can change the look of a room in half an hour and for under $100. You may start with pink butterflies, next phase puppies, then trees and birds all in one year but there is no need to repaint or buy new furniture, simply peel the decals off and add some new ones.

The same thing goes with boys – they start with trains, move on to cars, then planes take over their passion – so a simple change to the decals adds color and interest to the bedroom decoration without breaking the bank whilst keeping your child in a happy bedroom environment.

You can find a small selection of decals here.


Designer Note

A little designer note here, my designer husband bought my daughter the most beautiful fairy princess wall decal set when she was seven. He didn’t realize that she was well over princesses and fairy tales and had moved onto littlest pet shop toys, Taylor Swift music and was a huge fan of American Idol.  To him, she was his little princess. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him she didn’t want them on her bedroom walls. He thought he was being a great dad decorating her room into an enchanted princess land, she thought differently. Lesson here, communication. Make sure you communicate with your client (Child) I know they change their minds frequently, but it is easier than having a stab in the dark as to what they are into. Take them with you to the store or buy them online, you can see them in real life examples alot of the time. They will quickly communicate to you which ones they like! Unfortunately surprises can sometimes disappoint all involved.

Have fun decorating your child’s bedroom