Designer Bedrooms

Designer Bedrooms

Designer bedrooms can be within your grasp, it’s the attention to detail that will make the difference.

Look at these designer bedroom examples and see all the extra design features that add to the style of the bedroom and increase the level of luxury, like coffered ceilings, ornate drapery, clever choice of furniture, color choice and great space planning.



Coffered ceiling designer bedroom

Rich Red Coordinating Fabrics in Designer Bedroom

The ceiling in this designer bedroom is an amazing feature. The curves and differing levels create movement and depth into the ceiling space with the glass ball pendant light fixture providing a central focal point. This light fixture is replicated in a free standing lamp beside the windows. The lovely detail of the recessed halogen down lights creates a sparkle effect to the ceiling, perfect at night time to create a heavenly mood when the main lighting is turned off.

The mirror panels to the front of the wardrobe, which is incredibly large, have been detailed with reeded timber surrounds and act as aa door for the wardrobe and make the space look even larger than it is.

The main focus however is on the bed and this is created with the use of a bed coronet drapery, in a cloud blind to the head and then a simple drapery to cover the bed end, in coordinating fabric to the main curtains. The bed coverings use a fabric in the same coordinating family and different versions in the same color way are used to great effect on the Grecian inspired chaise at the end of the bed, the cushions and the drapery. These all tie back to the rich burgundy carpet which sets the scene and the color palette.

I think this bedroom would look very different during the day with the curtains drawn. The freestanding lamp would look lost, standing remotely on its own. The richness of the red would get washed out in the sunlight, but at night it definitely works. The only eyesore is the great big air conditioning grille in the beautiful ceiling.

Designer Bedroom with Decorative Chandelier

Decorative Chandelier Sets the Scene for this Designer Bedroom

The ornate chandelier sets the design tone for this designer bedroom, and it is one of the few designs that I have seen when the chandelier doesn’t look over the top. It fits in well with the bedroom design and the whole interior scheme is elegant and tasteful. I can say the same about the bed coronet drapery, this can often look out of place unless it is done correctly, and here it is well proportioned and the color and fabric choice let it become a feature without overwhelming the space. The choice of white bedding makes the bed appear to be larger than it is and is a crisp clean break from the golds and blue colors used. I love the table and chairs at the window, it means that the bedroom can be used for more than just sleeping, it is a real space of relaxation, and this space can be divided off from the bedroom with the use of the carved screen. The use of color in this bedroom is very professional, not many amateurs would choose to paint a ceiling blue! The carpet is custom designed and defines the different use of spaces. The curtain fabric and the wall color are the same providing the appearance of continuous color around the room. Overall a well designed designer bedroom.