Pillows Cushions Feature

Restrained use of Pattern and Color in Cushions or Pillows Provides Focal Point of Bedroom

This monochromatic color scheme in the bedroom design below is highly successful because it has used pattern and texture in a restrained way.

subtle use of color and pattern in the cushions and bedding creates a wonderful bedroom space.,

The soft taupe of the bedspread sets the color tone, then the cushions or pillows (depending where you live they are called different names!) add the focal point.

The sizes are in good proportion to the size of the bed, the larger cushions at the back soften the simple dark timber slat bed head, they have a simple taupe and white border which creates a simple rhythm across the bed.

Then this rhythm is broken by the use of buttoned smaller throw cushions haphazardly placed in the center, these are in a pin tucked silk fabric which creates an opulence to the bed decorations.

The rectangular cushions in the foreground introduce more pattern with the addition of small circles in the motif design. These foreground cushions ground the scheme and make the cushion combination look like one large unit.

The paintings on the wall have a textured frame in the dark timber with a gold rubbed finish over and also create rhythm and balance at the end of the bed, they stabilize the space.

I love the solid darkness of the side table, it allows the bedding to be the focal point. Even the lampshade is perfect as the color blends into the wall color and is not really visible. The base being the samecolor as the table and vertically resembles the bed head.

Overall a pleasant and inviting bedroom space, with subtle and restrained use of color and pattern. A bedroom space that could be changed in an instant by adding a different color to the walls, a dark caramel, or mocca brown, imagine that? How could you change this bedroom, could you improve it, could you change the mood using color….food for thought.