Velvet Upholstered Bed

Boring Bedroom – Velvet Upholstered Scroll Top Bed

This is a boring bedroom design. Here is one idea on how to improve this existing bedroom decoration.

How to Change a Boring Bedroom Design

This bedroom design lacks a focal point, it lacks color, pattern and texture or good combinations of these and it could quite easily look better as it already has such a wonderful upholstered velvet scroll top bed.

The side table and chairs look too small in the space, they are ornate and need to be replaced with one large velvet upholstered armchair. The bedding looks unfinished. This velvet covered bed needs an equally opulent bed covering, not a simple white cotton quilt. A silk bedspread with stripes, a heavy brocade or a large jacquard fabric, something that adds design value to the bed and enhances its lovely form. Loads of decorative pillows with tassels and fabrics complementing the new bedspread.

Velvet upholstered scroll top bed.

The fabric for the curtains needs to be in a heavy weight like the bedspread, something to frame the window and help balance the weight of the fabric on the bed, using a tassel fringe or fringe on the leading edge. This adds to the interest of the curtain and adds very much need detail to the bedroom design. Then the curtains should be tied back with hold backs or tiebacks in similar design to the leading edge accessories.

The Finishing Touches of this Bedroom Design

The finishing touches could be a large silk rug under the bed, and a gilded mirror placed on the wall above the bed. The lamp could be enhanced by adding something to the bottom edge, some tassel fringe, frog, a jacquard border, or a beaded trim. Read more about curtain accessories here.

I think these changes would totally transform this boring bedroom design into something quite special.

This article has been written to get you thinking about analyzing a bedroom and seeing how you can improve how it looks. That is often a job that an interior decorator or interior designer is asked to do. It may seem like a simple job, but it can be difficult, as you need to be able to visualize how your changes will enhance the bedroom design. That is why practicing with photographs like this is a good way to get your design brain working. These are my thoughts. Try another scheme for yourself and see what you come up with.

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