Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Bedroom design is an entire speciality on its own. Bedrooms can be as big as an entire house, or as small as a closet, but whatever the size, the most important thing about designing a bedroom is to make sure it is comfortable and relaxing. The main goal of bedroom design is to create a space that you really want to sleep in.

How do we achieve a great bedroom design?

Some key points to ensuring a successful bedroom.

Buy a good bed – the number one essential item.

Choose quality sheets and pillows.

Choose a calm and relaxing color scheme.

Make sure you have enough space to move easily around the bed.

Ensure that you can dim the lighting.

Use blackout lining on curtains.

Plan for quality storage so your bedroom is easy to keep clean and uncluttered, then you can sleep without having a cluttered mind.

Ventilation or fresh air is important to keep your bedroom dry and free from mold and odors.

Create some versatility, have a chair and side table so you can read and unwind before bed.

Add personality – preferably yours to the decoration by placing pieces of interest to you, these could be family photos, pictures of pets, photos of your travels and adventures, pop stars you love (depending on your age of course).

Start slowly and layer your bedroom, starting with the floor coverings, if you have hard flooring like timber or tiles then add a rug under the bed so it is warm underfoot when you get out of bed. Carpet is perfect for bedrooms, it just looks more inviting and cozy.

Still layering, choose curtains to reinforce the style you have chosen, compliment them with the bed coverings and linen, slowly adding more and more texture, and color to your design.

Don’t forget music, you can forget the TV and computer though, try and keep these out of your bedroom if you want to get a good nights sleep.

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