Bedroom Flooring

Choosing Bedroom Floor Products

Bedroom flooring selection is often dependant on the climate, as well as your taste. In New Zealand – most of the South Islanders have carpet on their bedroom floor because it is warm underfoot which is wonderful in the winter as it gets very cold.

The opposite can apply to the North Island where it is hotter and more humid,therefore hard flooring is often a better option, cooler underfoot and reduces the risk of the carpet getting damp in the humidity.

Often a combination of both works well, hard flooring for example timber to the entire bedroom and then an area rug under the bed allows for a softness underfoot when you get in and out of bed, and it is easy to clean, you can take it outside and give it an airing.

Some things to think about with the different types of bedroom flooring are:

The flooring to the rest of the house – the ability to keep a harmonious flow to your home.

The budget – ensure you have enough money to purchase and install the best quality product you can afford.

The color – as a darker floor will make the room feel smaller.

Cleaning – is the flooring product easy to look after?

Quality – will the flooring wear in the high traffic areas, remembering that the bed takes up most of the space and we walk around it frequently.

Look – is the flooring product in keeping with the style or period of your bedroom that you are creating.


Bedroom Flooring Information

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