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Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting

Lighting creates the mood in the bedroom. Careful planning of bedroom lighting ensures that the space can be multifunctional. Soft and subdued for a romantic look, task lighting for reading at night, strong daylight for getting dressed and putting on make up. It’s not until you actually stop and think about the tasks you perform in the bedroom that you realize all the different types of lighting you require.

Getting a general education on how lighting works is a valuable for not only the bedroom but other areas of the house. Get a grasp of the different types of lamps and fittings and what sort of light is best for specific situations.

Lighting can be a daunting task for interior design and decorating students, but once you start to learn some basic information your confidence will grow.

How to create a romantic mood in the bedroom

Lighting Planning Designing for interiors is a balance of all elements.

Lighting The Existing Room A number of options exist to illuminate the room without having to change fittings.

Lighting the New Room Before you embark on purchasing or deciding the lights that you prefer, make sure you know where you are going to be putting your furniture.

Lighting General Considerations General considerations when selecting interior lighting for new or existing spaces.

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